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CRT Management S.A. is a sister company to The Costa Rica Team, and was established for the sole purpose of managing the Cielo Vista project and distribution of its shares through the course of this project.

The owner and CEO of The Costa Rica Team Mr. Charles Boyd, was approached originally by Cielo Vista owners for his expertise in the region, and success in past projects. The owner’s original goal was to hire The Costa Rica Team for the purpose of marketing the project to potential developers in the Costa Rica Team’s network and sell at a wholesale price.

How ever, after The Costa Rica Team’s own due diligence and feasibility study, they were very impressed with the incredible job done in bringing the property to its present status. Cielo Vista is and will remain a debt free project, and contractually can never be encumbered with any type of lien or debt.

The Costa Rica Team realized that most of the hard work and permitting had been done and that by injecting the next few million dollars into this project, the value would jump from a 15mm evaluation to well over a 40mm dollar evaluation.

After almost 20 years of experience in structuring the principals of similar projects while successfully marketing for them as well, it was clear that The Costa Rica Team had found their “Master Piece project “and returned to the owners with a proposal.

The Costa Rica Team asked for the privilege of raising the next few million dollars from private investors for the purpose of acquiring an ownership stake in the project and for an exclusive contract for all sales and marketing of the project.

The Costa Rica Team and CRT Management SA are now under contract and well into the first raise. 3mm to acquire 20% of the over all project, and CRT Management SA has an option for an additional 13% ownership.

After many years of dealing with international investors and being familiar with the investment community at large, great consideration and effort has gone into the structuring of this opportunity in order to offer a secure and profitable acquisition to investors. In Fact this acquisition is structured in such a manner that the “ managers” CRT Management SA and The Costa Rica Team do not receive their payment of equity until after performing for the investor first.

The Costa Rica Team’s extensive services are designed to meet our client’s specific needs while maintaining our objective, which is always to protect, secure and maximize our client’s holdings.

We truly realize that investing in a foreign jurisdiction is a serious undertaking and that the investor needs to be safe and secure. The Costa Rica Team has a stellar record of treating every single client and their interest as if it was their own, and knowing that you have the best of the best working on your behalf is essential.

We believe that your due diligence process is also essential and therefore we have established a very detailed “due dill pack” to assist you during this very important part of the process.